As temperatures plummet outdoors, my current mood is miserably following the pattern, not getting enough of daylight through these winter months, is bringing on the winter blues….. Unfortunately it has also produced a desire to climb into my bed and get into hibernation mode, and oh the kids, they are bored out of their mind with nothing fun to do, So to make this winter a little bit brighter for you, your kids, and also your little ones, I’ve come up with list of things to do through the month of January,

1) Take a walk outdoors…. Even a quick half an hour walk at lunchtime can improve your mood, and the kids can sure burn some extra energy off…. So go and soak up some natural light.

2) Turn up some cheery tunes and dance away with your little ones, maybe even blow up some baloons and have them bounce it around the room, plus it’s a good way to sneak in some excersise for yourself.

3) Do a spa day….. Give each other nice foot and back massages, plus whip up some face masks out of natural ingredients from your kitchen pantry and place some cucumber slices on your eyes.

4) Go camping in your living room with your tribe……. build a tent, get some sleeping bags, do some smores over the fireplace, and turn on the flashlights….. What a good way to bring some summer mood indoors.

5) Create “Happy Winter” cards with your kids for their friends, it can sure keep them busy using their creative talents.

6) How about a tea party with your princes and princesses…….. Set up a pretty table with some nice linen, add some fancy cups and plates to the table, how about a gorgeous boquet of flowers, then get out some yummy cookies, you can even make small sandwiches to munch on, and pore a cup of tea or juice…. then get all dressed up and enjoy the party……

7) Since it’s too cold to go to the beach, you bring the beach indoors…… Get a good size container, purchase some play sand from the store ( Wal-Mart and Target carry it ) find some sand toys, let the kids put on their swimsuits and sunglasses, and even lifejakets if they so desire, get out the beach towels, and play away…….