One of my most rewarding relationship in my life that I have is with my daughter, I can describe it as special, beautiful, close, and very dear to my heart.

But like with any relationship, to grow something so precious takes time, being intentional about it and pursuing it. It all comes down to how important it is to you, for me I decided being a role model to my children and pursuing a relationship with them was something of a great value.

My relationship with my daughter didn’t start when she turned into a teenager, it started way back when she was still very young, you know the times when they still play dress up and barbies and you sit on the floor with them and play along, yes those special sweet times, when you spend time reading books to them and sing songs with them and to them, and all those homeschooling years I spend teaching her, over time years definitely have added up and our relationship has blossomed so beautifully.

Relationships are like an investment, it all matters how much you invest in it. And how can you take anything out it, if you haven’t put anything in it. The more you invest over time, the bigger it gets, and the more pleased you will be.

Well spending quality time with my daughter is an investment that is worth every moment, yes there are times when I am just too tired, annoyed or just plain busy to listen to her, how can I not be too busy with 5 children in my house, they all have something they want to share with me, my ears always need to be open, plus it is super easy to find excuses why not to have a quality time with her or listen to her out. But the rewards of being available are just too great to miss out on, it is so awesome to see how she has grown to trust me over time.

Words cannot express how wonderful it is to have a daughter by my side everyday. There are so many things I want to teach her like how to cook, bake, dress, have a right mindset, how to dream and how to plan your life, what is important in life and what is not.

A lot of the times our daughters are left to guide themselves in life choices, but are they even mature enough to make those decisions? Don’t we all in some ways need help in making the right and best choices in our lives? How do we know how to be the best mother or anything basically if we don’t see that role modeled before us. I believe our daughters need a guide to help them too, not to force them to do things in life, because it can lead to rebellion, but to somehow find a way to inspire her. If there is something she wants to do I don’t agree with, I try to help her see the end result, and where it will lead her, kind of like being a personal counselor, they don’t push them into making a decision but guide them into it. Look at it this way, if I don’t teach her, someone else will, and it might not be the greatest thing she will pick up. It also doesn’t mean to become a controlling mom, but to learn how to have a balance between being a mom and at the same time a friend to your daughter, you have to be sensitive about it and not cross too much into either side. Yes they will still be influenced by this world, and their friends, but they will also have a great role model in you to look up to everyday.

Basically I try to be a role model to my daughter, and that takes work on my part, it’s not something you tell your daughter to be like and do, but you yourself do the opposite. It’s being a living example everyday, there’s always gonna be days you are not so proud of, but you try your best. I have found that the bible is a great guide for me to being the best mother I can be, and somehow it has a great impact on my life, and teaches me wisdom for everyday living.

Being a mother is a beautiful and precious gift we have been given, but it is also a great responsibility, and I am determined to do the best I can. Blessings to you, and I hope we can all be inspired to raise an awesome next generation, who in return can be the mothers their daughters will look up to and be inspired.